Stop The #PerpetualPlastic Machine!

The Perpetual Plastic Machine is a colossal 15-foot tall art installation laying out the toxic union of fossil fuels and plastic production.It is the brainchild of Artist and Activist Benjamin Von Wong, created in collaboration with Greenpeace to demand a legally binding treaty that caps and phases down virgin plastic production while supporting a just transition for workers in the plastics sectors.The Perpetual Plastic Machine physically illustrates the destructive lifecycle of plastics - from extraction to disposal - relentlessly producing plastic, echoing the relentless rhythm of the industry it represents.As we stand on the precipice of INC-2, where the details of the Global Plastics Treaty will be deliberated, we hope this machine will serve as a steadfast visual reminder of the urgency of this issue. We call on you - individuals, organizations, and governments alike - to stand beside us and this symbol of relentless plastic production.Come experience the installation yourself at the Musee d'Orsay between the 27th of May and the 2nd of June.

About The Project

The art installation was initially conceptualized with the help of Dana Waldman and Jeremy Lizandier.From there, the production team of Greenpeace Germany helped bring the idea to life.They laser-cut, painted, assembled, and motorized the entire art installation - to get it ready for a global tour - and sourced used plastics from airports and cafeterias to help create the illusion of both an endless plastic supply chain, and a colossal pile of waste.The GreenpeaceUSA's global plastics team then found a highly visible location next to the Musee d'Orsay where activations are being hosted all week long during the Global Plastics Negotiations.Photos captured by Von Wong, Noel Rasch and Daniel Müller / Greenpeace

The Team behind the Machine

Concept: Benjamin Von WongProduction Coordinator: Sebastian Könnecke
Lead Fabricator: Noel Rasch
Warehouse Operations: Hannes von Coler
Electrical Engineering: Serdal Erdal
Prototype Design: Dana Waldman, Jeremy Lizandier
Greenpeace Support Staff:
Freia Hellenkamp, Florian Grau, Viola Wohlgemuth, Yannik Preußner, Robert Böse, Capucine Dayen
List of volunteers
Sophie Regending, Lina Sandersfeld, Antje Trauboth, Laura Koppe, Mathis Romp, Tabea Schüssler, Gesche Sienknecht, Julika. S, Bolle, Charlie Löbner, Kea Frerichs, Frank Weiße


For additional press requests please reach Suzy Johnston ( for Von Wong) or Capucine Dayen (

The Concept

Too much of the plastic conversation revolves around recycling and cleanups - but those only deal with the consequences, not the root cause.If we don't stop plastic production at the source, there is no way we can solve the plastic crisis.This installation features a few production lines of the most iconic sources of single-use plastic waste- take-out containers, cups, and bottles. But these only represent a tiny fraction of the problem.With more plastic than fish in the sea scheduled for 2050, the only way to protect our planet is to build a strong and legally binding Global Plastic Treaty that introduces a gradual moratorium and phasing-out of plastic production.The giant red X at the center of the installation serves as a blatant reminder that we need to find a way to stop both virgin plastic production and fossil fuel extraction simultaneously.The UN has an opportunity to begin capping and reversing plastic production through this treaty, and this installation aims to empower anyone who wants to champion that same message!

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